Welcome To The Hera Power Link

The Hera Power Link is an exciting transmission project being proposed by Anbaric Development, a US-based transmission and large-scale storage development company, that would help efficiently bring offshore wind power to New York, helping the state reach its renewable energy goals.

Project Overview

Anbaric is developing the Hera Power Link with the vision to connect to the grid in Brooklyn to usher in a new era of clean energy in New York.

Hera is designed to deliver 1200 MW of offshore wind power generated in the Atlantic Ocean into New York City. The project will make landfall on the Staten Island waterfront, where a state-of-the-art converter station will be constructed. The power then will flow via a marine and terrestrial route to connect at the Con Edison Gowanus substation or an alternate connection at the Con Edison Brooklyn Clean Energy Hub, both strategic connection points for the integration of offshore wind power.

Benefit to New York

The integration of offshore wind energy through Hera Power Link will bring direct benefits to New Yorkers and the environment. while providing an efficient and cost-effective solution to transporting offshore wind power to New York City. Anbaric sees the input of local communities in our project areas as critical to our projects’ and aims to facilitate dialogue between all involved stakeholders from project inception. The project additionally creates job opportunities for local communities across various sectors, ranging from construction and engineering to operations and maintenance.

Through comprehensive planning and cutting-edge technology, this project is carefully designed to minimize impacts on the marine and terrestrial environment.


Anbaric sees the renewable energy transition not only as critical for our planet, but also as an incredible economic driver for our state, with potential for tremendous community investment and job creation. Anbaric is committed to employing local New York unionized labor in all applicable aspects of the development work, including Hera Power Link project construction.


Anbaric has secured an option agreement for 3.7 acres on Staten Island. This location serves as the designated site for a converter station — a critical component for the Hera project.

The trajectory of energy follows a well-defined route: beginning in the Atlantic Ocean, the transmission line follows a route until it reaches the shores of Staten Island. The line will then follow overland, landing at the Anbaric converter station site in Staten Island. The transmission line, now consolidated at the converter station, then crosses the harbor to reach its ultimate destination — the Gowanus substation.

Situated at the intersection of energy networks, the Gowanus Substation holds a key geographical advantage. Its strategic positioning makes it an ideal conduit for seamlessly integrating offshore wind energy into the heart of the New York City grid.

Thorough analyses conducted have emphasized its remarkable potential to accommodate the injection of a substantial 2,000 MW of offshore wind energy into the NYC grid — meaning that the substation retains ample room for growth, even after integrating the anticipated 816 MW connection from the Empire Wind project.

Interconnection Position

Anbaric’s 1200 MW interconnection position has completed the feasibility study and has entered the SRIS study phase with the goal of securing a Class Year 2022 designation.

Additional Public Information

Anbaric is submitting an Article VII application in October 2023. Related documents will be posted on this site as they are available.

For more information about the project, contact herapowerlink@anbaric.com.