About Anbaric

In 2017, Anbaric® and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) came together to form Anbaric Development Partners (ADP), a Boston-based company that specializes in early stage development of large-scale electric transmission and storage solutions. Anbaric is committed to early stage and brownfield developments which are projected to produce $2 billion in fully constructed assets.

While the partnership with OTTP did not come about until 2017, Anbaric was founded in 2004 by Edward N. Krapels after working for several years on the innovative Neptune high-voltage direct current transmission project under the auspices of Energy Security Analysis, Inc. The Neptune project was a huge success and remains in service today providing 20 percent of the electricity of Long Island from the neighboring PJM power market. After Neptune, Anbaric also became a founding member of the consortiums that established the Hudson HVDC project that connects PJM to downtown Manhattan, as well as Viridity Energy, an early entrant in the massively disruptive microgrid industry. From 2010 to 2016, Anbaric partnered with Exelon on several other large transmission and microgrid initiatives in New York, and with National Grid on two large transmission projects in New England.

Today, Anbaric continues to focus on scaling and planning renewable energy. We initiate projects and develop new products that enable energy to be used more efficiently and sustainably. Unlike organizations that purchase existing companies and projects, we take pride in starting the projects and building them from the ground up.

This process of conceiving, developing and building is not for everyone. But it’s really the only way to bring meaningful change to an electricity business that lags behind most others in innovation and disruption. We hire creators and builders and are proud to be in business with OTPP, which has an outstanding record of innovation and value creation for its stakeholders.

Our Projects

What We Look For

In the Anbaric incubation process, we work with stakeholders to identify potential projects that provide long-term economic, electricity, and environmental value under a range of engineering, system planning, and macro-economic scenarios. We then subject such projects to rigorous fatal-flaw and feasibility scrutiny, and examine the project’s environmental attributes, community impacts and its broader political and economic profile. We reject projects that don’t meet our standards.

For the ones that do meet our standards, the Anbaric development process continues through construction financing. We consult with:

  • Power industry businesses to identify customers for the project
  • Governmental officials to make certain that it is consistent with larger policy objectives
  • Regulators to secure the necessary approvals
  • Environmental, community, and business groups to understand their views and gain their support
  • Equipment vendors to prepare them for expected orders

Our partnership with OTPP gives us access to the investment power of one of the most innovative and recognized institutional investors in the world.