Anbaric Development Partners, a leading developer of electric transmission projects, released the following statement today from Janice Fuller, President, Mid-Atlantic, regarding the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities’ (BPU) action to move forward on the state agreement approach with PJM for the planning of offshore wind transmission:

“We applaud President Fiordaliso and the BPU for their historic decision to further New Jersey as the clear national leader in offshore wind development. As the principal industry advocate for a planned, independent transmission system that protects ratepayers and grows the industry, Anbaric is thrilled to see the BPU take this enormous step forward.

“Governor Murphy is leading the nation towards a cleaner energy future with one of the most ambitious offshore wind goals set to date. With today’s decision, BPU has made clear that in order to reach that 7500MW goal by 2035, the state must prioritize a planned transmission system that can scale the industry in an economic and environmentally sound way.  

“This action represents another significant step toward planned transmission. Earlier this year, Anbaric was proud to have helped pass landmark legislation that expanded the definition of a ‘qualified offshore wind project’ to include an ‘open access offshore wind transmission facility.’ We have also seen planned transmission touted as ‘important to reach the state’s long-term offshore wind goals’ in the state’s Energy Master Plan. The increasing recognition of the need for planned transmission, both for the economic and environmental benefits it provides, is clear. We are thrilled to see the state moving in this direction, which will help scale the offshore wind industry, reduce consumer costs, and mitigate environmental impacts.

“With this announcement, the industry is positioned to finally see the realization of a significant enabling expansion of the power grid with a solicitation in 2021.  We look forward to the opportunity to compete in a transmission planning solicitation process in the coming year.”

About Anbaric:

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