Modernizing campus and institutional energy systems yields:

  • lower lifetime costs,
  • reduced carbon emissions,
  • increased financial flexibility,
  • greater resiliency, and
  • operational enhancements.

Aging campus energy systems pose increasing financial and environmental risks. Delaying replacement of these systems through incremental repairs increases the lifecycle costs.

Anbaric’s Smart Energy Campus lowers life cycle costs for energy by combining competitive capital from the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and execution expertise to deliver complex energy projects on time and on budget. Upfront payments for existing campus infrastructure liberate capital that can be redeployed to mission-focused uses.

Smart Energy Campus is a comprehensive approach to modernizing energy infrastructure through the design, financing, and development of projects that address all elements of energy supply and demand. Anbaric’s strategic partnerships with industry-leading companies provide optimization of advanced heating and cooling technologies, renewables, digitization, and intelligent energy management.

Soam Goel, Lead Partner of Distributed Energy, On Smart Energy Campus