Notice of Solicitation

Anbaric has announced a Notice of Solicitation for Offshore Wind Generation Suppliers to join our Juno Power Express on Long Island on September 22, 2022. The Juno Power Express offers developers a head-start on interconnection and transmission for up to 1200 MW of capacity. Responses are required before October 5, 2022, at 5:00pm (EST). For more information on the solicitation and how to apply, click here.

The LIPA Ruland Road 138 kV Substation has long been identified as a key Point of Interconnection for Offshore Wind. Anbaric has been developing this project for years with the assistance of Hallen Construction’s expertise.

Site Control

Anbaric has an option agreement for 3.5 acres at a parcel located 3000 feet from Ruland Road for a converter station location.


The transmission line coming from the lease area will make landfall at Jones Beach and follow a 17.7 mile buried route to the converter station location. The route is completed and surveyed with utilities located, centerline construction drawings, and HDD’s completed.

Interconnection Position

Anbaric has both 800 MW and 1200 MW interconnection positions which have completed SRIS studies, and expect to enter NYISO Class Year 2022 in Q3 2022.


Anbaric submitted an Article VII application for this project in September 2022.