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Welcome To The Juno Power Express

The Juno Power Express is an exciting transmission project being proposed by Anbaric Development, a US-based transmission and large-scale storage development company, that would help efficiently bring offshore wind power to New York, helping the state reach its renewable energy goals.


The Juno project would deliver 1200MW of power to the LIPA Ruland Road 138 Kilovolts (kV) Substation, located along the Route 110 Corridor in Melville, which has long been identified as a strategic point of interconnection for offshore wind in the heart of Long Island’s load center. Anbaric has been developing this project for years with the assistance of Hallen Construction’s expertise – a local company with a long-term record of successful, union-built infrastructure projects on Long Island.

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Anbaric has an ideal location to construct the converter station component of the project on a 3.2-acre parcel located nearly adjacent to the Ruland Road substation in an area with existing commercial, industrial, and residential uses.

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  • Safe, clean renewable power
  • Lasting electrical infrastructure improvements to the Long Island electricity grid
  • LEED certification application filed for converter station on a compact 3.2-acre parcel
  • Commitment to partner with local companies and organized labor for project development



The power would flow from an offshore wind farm and reach the shore at Jones Beach. The powerline would then travel 17.9 miles to reach the Ruland Road substation.

The Anbaric team has done significant work to design a route with the least possible impact. As designed, the route is completely underground, meaning there will be zero visual impact. The transmission line route has been extensively researched and designed for renewable energy purposes and have utilities located, centerline construction drawings complete, and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) locations identified.



Anbaric has both 800-Megawatt (MW) and 1200 MW interconnection positions filed with NYISO which have completed System Reliability Impact Study (SRIS) studies and has enter New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) Class Year 2023 in Q1 2021. We have also submitted an Article VII application (Case 22-T-0157) for the project which was deemed compliant by the Public Service Commission in March 2023, meeting a required regulatory milestone.

The Juno Project will use proven High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology, enabling more power to flow with fewer cables and minimizing environmental impact. HVDC emits an electric magnetic field less than the earth’s background magnetic field – what makes a compass work.


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To view the Public Statement Hearings presentation, please click: Juno Public Hearing Presentation

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Detailed Juno Project Map

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Juno Project Public Information Meeting


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