Anbaric develops energy storage projects that modernize the grid and enable renewable energy to scale. Capitalizing on technological advances and falling costs, Anbaric’s projects will play a vital role in upgrading transmission and distribution systems to integrate new clean energy sources, replace aging power plants, and improve resiliency.

Anbaric draws on deep experience in developing innovative grid infrastructure. The Neptune and Hudson projects utilize high voltage direct current (HVDC) technology to strengthen grid connections and Anbaric views energy storage as the next cutting-edge technology on the grid.

With a deep understanding of energy systems, extensive experience developing complex projects in multi-stakeholder environments, and a network of industry-leading partners, Anbaric is well-positioned to develop energy storage projects needed to achieve renewable energy goals and revitalize the power grid.

Anbaric develops energy storage projects across North America, examples of which include the Brayton Point Renewable Energy Center at a former coal plant site in Massachusetts and energy storage projects on Long Island, New York.