We are involved in every phase of large transmission projects on the power grid in the United States and Canada.




At Anbaric, our transmission lines:

  • Move electricity long distances, from where it is produced to where it is used;
  • Link wholesale power markets, boosting competition and lowering prices; and
  • Bring large quantities of renewable energy to population centers.

We have helped spearhead completion of two 660 MW high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) projects. Each of these lines is buried underground and underwater along its entire route.

  • Neptune Regional Transmission System, delivering electricity 56 miles from central New Jersey to central Long Island, completed in July 2007; and
  • Hudson Transmission Project, delivering electricity 8 miles from northern New Jersey to New York City, completed in June 2013.

Anbaric is technology neutral and selects the technology that is appropriate for the project. We develop both HVDC and HVAC lines. However, the past two completed projects use HVDC technology.

HVDC reduces line losses and can therefore increase the electric performance and economic efficiency of a line, compared to an AC alternative.

HVDC can be easily buried underground and underwater, as a result it can reduce or eliminate community impacts, minimize environmental impacts, and remove impacts on the viewshed.

Direct current is controllable, meaning it is well-suited to particular situations on the grid, where for engineering or economic reasons, controlled flows of power are desired.

HVDC also possesses other, more technical attributes which enhances its value to electric system planners and operators.

Anbaric develops transmission lines – large-scale electricity infrastructure – to meet important public needs. A reliable supply of electricity is central to our 21st century lives and carbon-free power is essential to our future.

Our Projects

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