Universities, medical centers, and other high-tech campuses are hotbeds of innovation and job creation. Too often, energy management related to such a campus is seen as an independent activity. Novel approaches to energy management in such a situation fits perfectly with Smart Energy Campus. Anbaric drives an integrated approach that combines transforming campus energy infrastructure with innovation. The transformed campus energy infrastructure in the form of a microgrid enhances efficiency, resilience and becomes a living laboratory. In addition to learning through a first hand exposure to the grid of the future, students and staff can also derive research benefits from the sharing of the data being generated and managed by the microgrid control center. Campus infrastructure can be used to support startup incubators, research ripe for commercialization and fulfill other campus objectives.

Once the focus expands to include campus energy infrastructure, Anbaric works with campus managers and outside experts to develop specific transformation recommendations.

This process often begins with exchange of data on energy consumption and maintenance backlogs to develop a picture of requirements and opportunities. Direct engagement with facilities managers follows data exchange, and weaves in the extensive knowledge that current staff possess regarding system operations and idiosyncrasies. Specific recommendations are then developed. Some of these recommendations include:

  • transformation of steam based thermal systems to hot water
  • renewables installations
  • modern combined heat and power plants
  • energy storage
  • digitization
  • efficient lighting and other retrofits
  • energy-sipping appliances that provide integrated supply of electricity, heating, and cooling

The key differentiator of this process is the comprehensive approach to energy needs that cover centralized, distributed, thermal, electrical, etc. These recommendations are run through financial analysis to calculate costs and benefits. During the engagement Anbaric takes a transparent approach with a clearly defined benefit sharing mechanism.