Notice of Solicitation for
Generation Suppliers of
Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy Credits from PJM
Deliverable to the City of New York
The NYClean Energy Link

Anbaric Development Partners, LLC (“Anbaric” or the “Company”), seeks generation suppliers of renewable energy produced from sources including but not limited to hydropower, solar, and wind generation projects, including generation projects paired with energy storage, wishing to offer energy and renewable energy credits deliverable into Load Zone J (“Zone J”) of the New York Control Area via the proposed NYClean Energy Link, a high voltage, direct current (“HVDC”) transmission link between the PJM Transmission System and Zone J, described further below.

On October 15, 2020, the State of New York Public Service Commission (“NYPSC” or “Commission”)   issued its Order Adopting Modifications to the Clean Energy Standard (“CES”) in Case 15-E-0302 (the “CES Order”) mandating a new Tier 4 Renewable Energy Certificate (“REC”) program administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (“NYSERDA”) for renewable energy either sited in or delivered to Zone J via a new transmission interconnection in Zone J.  Anbaric is developing a HVDC transmission link from the PSEG or JCP&L Zone in PJM into Zone J and now seeks eligible renewable energy system projects located in PJM with whom it can respond to a request for proposals that the CES Order directed be issued by NYSERDA on or before December 15, 2020.

Through this Solicitation, the Company seeks suppliers capable of collaboration with the NYClean Energy Link to supply and deliver renewable energy from eligible renewable energy systems into Zone J in accordance with the requirements of the Tier 4 REC program.  Under the Tier 4 Requirements in the CES Order, eligible renewable energy systems (including generation paired with storage) are renewable energy projects (except hydropower projects) that began commercial operation after October 15, 2020. Hydropower projects qualify as eligible renewable energy systems if their generation will come from impoundments that existed prior to or were under construction as of June 18, 2020 (these projects also will have to meet two additional requirements regarding hydropower supplier’s energy and Greenhouse Gas baselines).  The CES Order and the Tier 4 Requirements are available at the NYPSC’s website, under the proceeding number:

The Company seeks to work with one (or more) supplier(s) of generation from eligible renewable energy systems, in a legal and contracting structure to be negotiated, to submit at least one joint response to a request for proposals (“RFP”) for Tier 4 RECs expected to be issued by NYSERDA on or before December 15, 2020.

NYClean Energy Link Specifications:  The NYClean Energy Link will consist of a new, buried  600-1200 MW HVDC link from an AC-DC converter facility adjacent and connected to a selected substation in either PSEG’s or JCP&L’s local control area and injecting electricity into Zone J consistent with the provisions of the CES Order, terminating in New York City at a DC-AC converter facility which will deliver power into a Con Edison substation.  The NYClean Energy Link line will be buried along its entire route, underground in New Jersey, underwater in the Raritan Bay, and underwater in New York Harbor.  The right-of-way for the NYClean Energy Link will follow municipal, county, and state roads in New Jersey and New York.

Open Solicitation Process: Prior to receiving additional project information via a virtual data room, entities will be required to execute a non-disclosure agreement, which can be obtained by emailing Questions regarding the solicitation process or the NYClean Energy Link can also be addressed by emailing or calling (732) 243-8701.

The Company will retain a consultant to assist it in objectively evaluating responses from potential suppliers of generation from eligible renewable energy systems based on the following information to be provided by respondents:

  1. The respondent’s credit rating as reported by a reputable credit rating agency or otherwise determined in a manner consistent with generally accepted credit rating principles and practices;
  2. The respondent’s ability to submit generation supply offers from one or more eligible renewable energy systems which alone or in the aggregate exceed 100 MW of nameplate generating capacity;
  3. The respondent’s willingness to commit to supply and delivery obligations with NYSERDA and associated obligations with the NYClean Energy Link for a term of 20 years, including the ability to provide firm pricing for a Tier 4 REC contract with an expected term of at least 20 years (but no more than 25 years); and
  4. The respondent’s ability to submit indicative pricing for the delivery of generation from eligible renewable energy systems to the New Jersey terminus of the NYClean Energy Link at the AC-DC converter facility.

Given the expected date of issuance of the RFP, this solicitation provides an expedited response time: responses are required to be received by 5:00pm December 2, 2020 and should be submitted via email to with “Response to NYClean Energy Link Open Solicitation” in the subject line.