The Southern New England states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are pursuing offshore wind as an important, large-scale and local source of renewable energy. The three states collectively have legislated directives to procure more than 6,000 MWs of offshore wind and have selected more than 3,030 MWs with individual generator connections as a first step in meeting that goal. Anbaric’s proposed open-access New England OceanGrid™ will enable the long-term development of the more than 14,000 MW of  offshore wind available in the New England wind lease area while reducing costs, minimizing the environment impact of export cables and recognizing the ongoing use of the ocean by the region’s fishing community.

As a first step in developing the New England OceanGrid™, Anbaric has filed interconnection requests for 1,200 MW HVDC transmission systems in Somerset and Everett, Massachusetts and Bridgeport, Connecticut. In November 2019, Anbaric also filed an application with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) for non-exclusive rights to corridors for a transmission system in the outer continental shelf. Anbaric supports new legislation in Massachusetts that recognizes the benefits of developing offshore wind by separating the procurement of transmission from generation. Planned, open-access transmission systems will deliver offshore wind energy to shore at lower costs, with a smaller environmental footprint and greater long-term economic growth than connecting each offshore wind farm to shore individually.

Massachusetts OceanGrid

Anbaric’s Brayton Point project will bring offshore wind to shore where the largest coal plant in New England once stood. The Anbaric Renewable Energy Center at the Brayton Point Commerce Center in Somerset, Massachusetts will support the growth of the offshore wind industry while spurring local economic development. In May 2019, Commercial Development Company, Inc. and Anbaric announced an agreement that could lead to $650 million in local investment. The central element is a HVDC converter station for 1,200 MW of offshore wind as well as up to 400 MW of battery storage on site.

Learn more about the Anbaric’s Renewable Energy Center at Brayton Point here.

Connecticut OceanGrid

Anbaric’s Connecticut OceanGrid delivers offshore wind – and its environmental and economic benefits – directly into Bridgeport. Connecting clean offshore wind power directly to Connecticut’s grid will reduce reliance on fossil fuel-burning power. Investments in local grid connections will drive economic activity and increase reliability and resiliency. Routing offshore wind power to the heart of Connecticut’s grid will provide power where it is needed most, while avoiding the vulnerability and costs of overhead power lines.

An efficient approach to integrating offshore wind with the region’s power grid will enable the offshore industry to scale up a local supply chain capitalizing on Connecticut’s advanced manufacturing, attractive ports, and skilled workers. The U.S. Department of Energy projects that offshore wind could support over 180,000 jobs in manufacturing, marine trades, construction and other sectors by 2050. A robust offshore grid can help realize this potential and place Connecticut at the forefront of this booming industry.