Municipal microgrids ensure that homes, businesses, schools, and government facilities – places integral to everyday life – remain energized even during extreme weather events.

Municipal microgrids provide municipalities with a highly efficient, on-site combined heat and power generation (co-gen) source. Microgrids enable municipalities to secure resiliency, reduce energy costs and promote sustainable practices and technologies – the ingredients necessary for a community to thrive.


“Developing and implementing microgrids will mean that more New Yorkers can benefit from a cleaner and more efficient energy system that will also be more accessible when they need it most.”

— New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo


With a municipal microgrid, towns and cities will foster a higher quality of life for residents and a more attractive environment to grow new and existing businesses.

  • Microgrids can offer communities vulnerable to power outages the resiliency they need to continue functioning throughout extreme weather events.
  • Microgrids empower communities to produce or sell energy into the surrounding macrogrid based on real-time economic conditions, achieving significant energy savings.
  • Energy cost savings will lower municipal operating expenses and help stimulate economic growth with affordable energy.
  • Communities that adopt microgrids will be seen as environmental leaders, deploying renewables that are in line with state policies and programs like the NY-Sun Solar Initiative.