Many campus managers recognize the challenges of operating an aging energy system and are in a bind between budget constraints and higher priorities attributed to academic or research pursuits. The complexity of existing energy infrastructure, the rapid progression of new energy technologies and energy management approaches further exacerbate the challenges of undertaking a transformation. Energy infrastructure remains capital intensive to operate and maintain.

Anbaric helps campus energy managers move from intent to action by working collaboratively with them to develop tangible solutions for customers’ current and future needs. This process often begins with exchange of data on energy consumption and maintenance backlogs to develop a picture of requirements and opportunities. Direct engagement with facilities managers follows data exchange, and weaves in the extensive knowledge that current staff possess regarding system operations and idiosyncrasies. Specific recommendations are then developed. Some of these recommendations include:

  • transformation of steam based thermal systems to hot water
  • renewables installations
  • modern combined heat and power plants that provide integrated supply of electricity, heating, and cooling
  • energy storage
  • digitization
  • efficient lighting and other retrofits
  • energy-sipping appliances

The key differentiator of this process is the comprehensive approach to energy needs that cover centralized, distributed, thermal, electrical, etc. These recommendations are run through financial analysis to calculate costs and benefits. During the engagement Anbaric takes a transparent approach with a clearly defined benefit sharing mechanism.