Maine Green Line is an Anbaric transmission solution proposed by the Green Line Devco, LLC as a project of the Green Line Infrastructure Alliance. Maine Green Line will move up to 1200 MW of power from Maine to eastern Massachusetts. Its goals are to encourage the development of renewable resources in northern New England by providing the necessary infrastructure to bring “green” power to more densely populated areas to the south, including the Boston area, while at the same time increasing the supply of reliable energy into the largest demand center in New England.

The New England states can only meet their expanding renewable portfolio standards (RPS) and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) goals by substantially expanding the New England transmission grid. Energy efficiency, demand side management, and renewable energy generation projects in southern New England will help to achieve those goals, but the bulk of the scale of new renewable supply resources needed to meet growing RPS goals will need to come from Maine and eastern Canada, where the greatest potential exists for renewable energy development in the form of wind, biomass, tidal and hydro-electric power.

Maine Green Line will enable New England to meet its RPS and RGGI goals in a reliable, economic, and environmentally benign manner by bypassing congestion that now exists on the existing overhead transmission lines between northern and southern New England.