Energy is a significant cost driver for industry. Additionally, losses from power outages cost U.S. industrial firms billions of dollars every year.

Powering industry should not impede a firm’s ability to compete. That is why our microgrids keep industry running continuously and affordably. By equipping energy-intensive business with a highly efficient, on-site combined heat and power generation (co-gen) source, industrial sites can transact with the surrounding macrogrid on a business basis, reducing energy costs and ensuring reliability.


“We are investing in a sustainable, local energy future, which will help the energy industry produce more clean power and move New York’s economy forward.”

— New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo


  • For energy-intensive industries, the cost savings associated with microgrid implementation are significant. When “islanded,” the microgrid disconnects the entire facility from macrogrid power, keeping energy costs in check.
  • Industrial facilities with microgrids offer unparalleled reliability in the face of unforeseen power outages.
  • For industrial sites that face scrutiny over the environmental impact of operations, microgrids can be used to reduce emissions or strategically deploy clean distributed resources.