A microgrid is a localized power system that is tailored to achieve a host’s specific energy goals, including:

Improved Reliability


Deployment of Distributed Energy Resources

A microgrid is built upon an enabling technology, such as a battery energy storage system or a highly efficient, on-site combined heat and power generation (co-gen) plant. Through real-time interface with the surrounding macrogrid, hosts are empowered to purchase or sell energy on an economic basis.

Macrogrid vs Microgrid

The result is an on-site energy ecosystem that reduces energy costs, secures resiliency, and integrates sustainable practices and distributed energy technologies.

Our vision is not to “island” hosts during normal operations, but rather to complement and transact with the macrogrid in a way that maximizes long-term economic and environmental value.

At its heart, the microgrid provides a localized source of power that transforms a host into a beacon of light when the macrogrid fails. But a microgrid is much more.

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