Wakefield, Mass. — May 31, 2019 — In a report published today by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), the body recommends that the state evaluate whether to conduct in 2020 an independent solicitation for offshore wind transmission infrastructure, separate from generation. DOER also indicated it would consider the benefits of energy storage solicitations, either independently or along with in the additional offshore wind solicitation.

“Independent transmission has the potential benefit of minimizing impact on fisheries, optimizing the transmission grid, and reducing cost,” the report said. “In order for a transmission solution to be open to wider competition and for the benefits to be evaluated effectively, a transmission-only solicitation would need to be separate from the energy generation and would need to be completed before the offshore wind generation is solicited.”

The current process requires each generator to permit, build, and operate an individual transmission line to bring its power to the mainland for distribution. This would result in duplicative lines with greater-than-necessary impacts where the lines come ashore. Independent, shared transmission infrastructure simplifies the process, making it cost-effective and less environmentally intrusive while accelerating the emergence of Massachusetts as the center of offshore wind industry.

“The DOER’s recommendations embrace a new era of offshore wind and its abundant potential in Massachusetts,” said Edward N. Krapels, CEO of Anbaric. “The report offers an important and insightful recommendation that a separate, shared transmission system could minimize environmental disruption and the impact on the fishing industry while delivering the best prices for consumers. Anbaric has already begun developing a 1200MW transmission system along with 400MW of storage at Brayton Point, in Somerset, MA. DOER has made absolutely the right moves to lay the foundation for a new industry in Massachusetts.”

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