Edward N. Krapels

Edward N. Krapels, Founder and CEO of Anbaric, is a leader in the rising industry of non-utility electric transmission and distribution development. Anbaric is a platform company for the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, and together they have formed a development arm, Anbaric Development Partners. Anbaric specializes in early stage development of large-scale electric transmission systems for offshore wind projects, and storage solutions for intermittent energy.

Prior to the inception of Anbaric, Mr. Krapels has been a founding partner in developing several iconic electric transmission projects, including the Neptune Regional Transmission System, the Hudson Project, and several major new projects designed to bring renewable power into urban markets. Mr. Krapels is also responsible for innovations in the promising Microgrid industry. In 2009, he co-founded Viridity Energy, a company dedicated to optimizing demand-side management programs and developing the control software for Microgrids.

As former financial advisor and risk management consultant, Mr. Krapels is widely published in energy industry journals. He was a member of Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s Electricity Advisory Committee from 2010 to 2012 and has provided valuation and due diligence services to many prominent investors in the energy arena. As a risk management advisor, Mr. Krapels has assisted major utilities, end users, and government agencies. He developed a series of Guides to energy hedging strategies for Risk which have been used by many companies around the world. He remains one of the authorities on the appropriate uses of hedging tools and on the distinctions between hedging and speculating in energy markets. Mr. Krapels has been a registered Commodity Trading Advisor.

Mr. Krapels has written several books, dozens of monographs, and scores of articles ranging from the international oil and gas to U.S. electricity markets. He serves on various boards, including the Board of the Alpha Project, the Visiting Committee of the Social Sciences Division of the University of Chicago, and the President’s Advisory Board of Brigham & Women’s Hospital. He received his Ph.D. at the Johns Hopkins University, his M.A. at the University of Chicago, and his B.A., at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. A native of the Netherlands, he is now a U.S. citizen and makes his home with his wife, Sarah Emerson, and their two sons in Andover, Massachusetts

Books, Major Manuscripts

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