Donald Trump’s election presents an opportunity for American institutions — business, universities, governments, non-profits — to reexamine their own policies towards globalization and determine whether these need to be “rebooted.”

For globalized U.S. citizens, the question is simple but the answer complex: “Even though I have thrived, the Trump election indicated scores of millions of fellow Americans have not.”

For globalized companies (think Apple), the question is more complex: “Can I be an American company under President Trump’s emerging new rules?”

For the country’s leading universities, who have accepted more and more (full-paying) foreign students and fewer Americans, do they still want to be “global” if there’s an increasing cost associated with that in terms of separation from resurgent “nativism” (the ugly word) or patriotism (the noble word)? Will they tack back to wanting to be more focused on being great American universities?

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