Smart Energy Campus

Smart Energy Campus is a financially and environmentally sustainable energy infrastructure of the future that Anbaric creates in partnership with campuses.




A number of factors strengthen the case for transforming campus energy systems:

  • Infrastructure is aging
  • Deferred maintenance liabilities are increasing
  • Sustainability goal deadlines require action
  • Reliability/resilience needs have grown more acute
  • Continued incremental investments don’t provide a solution
Smart Energy Campus

Current utility operating teams work under fiscal constraints and are falling behind in the upkeep of aging utility assets. Energy infrastructure cannot command significant top executive attention on campuses given multiple competing priorities and a strong focus on academics. Smart Energy Campus provides an opportunity to form a partnership with Anbaric to access outside capital and expertise to transform existing energy assets. The unlocked capital can be redeployed for educational objectives. Smart Energy Campus establishes a long-term partnership to efficiently meet all campus energy needs and create intelligent, optimized systems that become learning platforms and support continuing innovation.

Smart Energy Campus is a comprehensive approach to transform existing energy infrastructure through design, finance, and implementation of projects that address all elements of energy supply and demand. Smart Energy Campus focuses on comprehensive optimization of components of a campus system. Anbaric works with industry-leading partners to integrate efficiency, advanced heating and cooling technologies, renewables, digitization, and intelligent energy management.

For additional information on Smart Energy Campus, watch this video from Lead Partner of Distributed Energy, Soam Goel.

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