Grid: Infrastructure Developer Anbaric Steps Into World Of Microgrids, Pushes High-Voltage DC Lines in U.S.

“How are microgrids helping to shape the future of the electric power sector? During today’s OnPoint, Ed Krapels, founder and CEO of Anbaric, an energy infrastructure developer, discusses his company’s recent partnership with Exelon on…

Exelon explores bringing microgrids to New York

“Exelon has announced they will be expanding — with a series of microgrids in the state of New York ranging from 10 to 200 megawatts (MW) located all around the state.” Read more

VIDEO: Exelon, Anbaric pair to develop New York microgrids

Exelon is partnering with Anbaric, a developer of energy infrastructure projects, to create a series of microgrids in the state of New York… Read more  

Anbaric and Exelon Try New Model for Microgrids in New York

Building the business model for independently developed microgrids that bolster the grid—and pay the bills. Read more  

A Developing Front in Resilience: Electricity Microgrids

Power reliability is becoming an increasingly important consideration in real estate development, and that is causing some property owners and managers to seek more stable and secure power systems such as microgrids—self-sustaining power generation…

New York Offering $40 Million to Encourage Microgrids

“A statewide competition aims to encourage the development of small, independent power grids that would help key neighborhoods keep the lights on during a severe storm." Read more  

Small Grids, Large Plans

A major Midwest utility holding company is teaming up with a Massachusetts equipment maker to create a statewide series of microgrids, including one in the Capital Region. Read more  

Illinois-based energy giant to build microgrids across New York

Exelon is getting into the microgrid business throughout New York. The energy giant announced on Monday that it would partner with Anbaric, which develops microgrids, to build five large projects on Long Island, New York City and upstate New York… Read…

Q&A with the New York Power Authority on Public and Private Sector Microgrids

Public and private sector microgrids each play roles in keeping the lights on in a crisis. Kristin Barbato, vice president, Customer Energy Solutions at New York Power Authority (NYPA), recently spoke with Marcus Evans about the interplay…